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Why Receiving Spam Costs You So Much?

Added by Kevin B on Fri, Sep 18, 2009, 04:15 PM

What is spam and why is it expensive for YOU?

Have you received spam lately? You know, e-mail advertising Viagra or some porn site? We do not say that all e-mail advertising Viagra and porn are spam. We are pretty sure that there are folks out there who are genuinely interested in that stuff...

Spam is actually a piece of e-mail that you never wanted to receive. However, spamming is a very lucrative business and that is why many companies tempted to do it. There are companies out there who sell 10 million e-mail addresses plus 10 thousand infected computer identification numbers plus some tools allowing the spammer (the individual or company sending out spam) to send out 10 million e-mail messages in less then 2 hours. They sell this as a 'package deal' on a DVD that maybe cost the spammer $1,000. Now if we look at the numbers, you will see why spamming is so lucrative. Say the spammer sends out 10 million e-mails. Let's say he gets a ridiculously low response rate: 0.01 %. This is a hundredth of 1 percent. That is how many people would buy from the spammer. Out of 10 million this means a thousand people. Say the spammer sells his merchandise for $20 each. So he made $19,000 in less than 2 hours...

There is only one slight problem: Spam is illegal

Besides: it is costly, dangerous and unethical too. Many spammers who got caught had to pay astronomical amounts of fines plus many of them serve several years of prison sentences as well.

Why spamming is outlawed?

It puts an unnecessary burden to the mail servers on the computers on the Internet. Did you know that more than 80% of the e-mail delivered on the Internet is a spam e-mail message? This high amount of data requires extra storage space, extra cables, extra processing power from the internet service providers (like AOL, AT&T, Comcast, RCN and COX, just to name a few) and extra people to monitor all this. The extra staff needs to get paid. All these are extra expenses for the ISPs who, without hesitation, will eventually pass them to you, to the consumer.

Ever wondered why your Internet service cost so much?

That is why. A few spammers make everybody else pay the costs of sending their spam out, but they are the only ones reaping the rewards. This is unfair, unethical and dangerous.

Why is it dangerous? Spammers use malware to infect unsuspecting people's computers to turn them into spam sending zombies without the computer owner's knowledge.

We deeply condemn spam, spammers and the companies (including hosting companies) who let spam exist and

we never, under any circumstances, recommend spamming to any of our Clients or anybody else.

We have to let you know about spam because we feel that you as a consumer have the right to know all options out there and we want to fully disclose everything about the benefits and the dangers of working with certain methods. Spam is certainly a method that you do not want to work with.

Tips to avoid receiving spam:

If you are a business owner who would like to make money by usng legitimate e-mail marketing, keep us posted. We will return soon with a new article explaining the most effective way of Internet marketing.

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