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Why Most Online Directories Belong to the Past?

Added by Kevin B on Wed, Oct 14, 2009, 03:15 PM

Should My Company Get Listed in an Online Directory?

I am sure you receive

trying to do one thing: sell the 'latest and greatest' techniques out there to get your company exposed on the Internet. They all tell you that you should listen to the word of the times, they cite you neatly compiled statistics and make it look like that you REALLY have to do this because you would lose out to your competitors if you do not.

And they are right in most cases.

However, there is a big question you might want to ask that most of these advertisers fail to answer:

How can you tell the difference between a real expert and a snake oil salesman who would tell you anything just to make the sale?

It is tough when you are not an expert, not informed and kept in the fog. So let us educate you here a little bit.

We are sure you heard about this 'latest and greatest' technique called online directory listing.

Here are some things that you really should know, but most of the advertisers fail to let you know.

Simple common sense tells us that directory listing is a great way to get exposure for a business if the directory is

However, when any of these factors is missing, the audience is simply not going to be there to justify the money spent on the advertising in that directory.


If a directory is not well-known, then people simply would not find it on the Internet. An online directory is nothing else, but a big website with many pages. However, even the biggest website on the Internet is dwarfed by the billions and billions of pages that make up the Internet in today's world. Back in 1996 when Yahoo's directory services started, anybody who got in their directory was almost guaranteed to be an overnight success because Yahoo's directory was very big in relation to the size of the whole Internet back then, but still relatively small so almost all participants had a good chance to get enough exposure.

Now in 2009 their directory is way much bigger then it was back then, but the Internet grew a million times faster to such an enormous size that today it is almost indifferent for a company whether it is listed in Yahoo's directory or not. Why? Because Yahoo's directory is very tiny compared to the size of the whole Internet, but it is too large to get enough exposure for each participant because exposure dramatically decreases as the size of the directory increases.

Today many very large online directories such as Yahoo, DMOZ, E-bay, Craigslist, Zagat, Citysearch, Opentable are so huge that it is almost impossible for a company to get on or STAY on the first couple pages with their listings without paying huge sums of money. They MUST be on these pages where the great majority of Internet searchers have the patience and time to look. Otherwise they will not get enough exposure that would justify their expense. Directories know this fact and that is why they developed their own search engines to address this issue and help their users find their members based on certain criteria quickly. Developing their own search engines also encourages their members to stay on board with them because this way they can sell their services to their members under the pretext that every member has the same chance to be found because of their search engine. That is technically true, but the sheer existence of the directory itself can be questioned then. If it takes a search algorithm that uses certain criteria to navigate a directory, then why bother building a neatly organized (but otherwise useless) directory, paying employees to do that and charging unjustifiable charges to their members? Why do not they just simply throw a large pile of data randomly together and let the search algorithm sort it out on demand?

One more thing: the search engines they are using are quite mediocre compared to Google which still delivers the most relevant results and is still being used by over 70% of the Internet users. So anyone who is trying to sell directory listing in today's Internet environment is most likely not telling the whole story and cannot be considered as an expert, but a snake oil salesman and should be treated as such.

If a directory is not precisely targeted then it would just take way too much time for a searcher to find what he/she is looking for by just browsing around in different categories without a built in search feature because of the aforementioned reasons. DexKnows is a good example. This directory would list any known business under the Sun and they claim that they are the be all and end all solution for small business advertising on the Internet. What they fail to tell the business owners is that they do not care about relevance, but they care about money. If a business has more money to blow on advertising, then they will have the advantage in a not very targeted directory because they can buy more advertising space, more frequent exposure and better overall position regardless whether they sell the best product or service and whether they are actually relevant at all. Thus, this kind of directory listing would give unfair advantage to big corporations, but not to small businesses with limited advertising budgets. Of course DexKnows knows this very well so they advertise heavily in Google Adwords to promote their 'best' clients (being best is whoever pays them the most money) and to push their own directory listing services to unsuspecting business owners. They also collect their testimonials and they make it very believable for small business owners that this would also work for them. However, they do not disclose how much an advertiser who gave the testimonial actually spent and what their ROI was so they are technically committing misleading advertising because they make small business owner who usually do not have the budget believe that they would get similar results when they buy into their listing services.

Those who do not pay enough, will never get advertised enough and will never be found, but DexKnows does not care. They provided the advertising interface, the uninformed small business owner took the risk and now he owes them $3,000 or even more without getting one single phone call from the money he paid to them. We have a Client who can actually tell his story about DexKnows.

If a directory is not heavily advertised, then we go back to the start. People just simply will not find it because of the sheer size of the Internet. So it is very difficult (almost impossible) for a company to bring in new customers by simply getting listed in a not-well-known directory.

All in all, if the purpose of the directory membership is to get exposure to acquire new customers, then the directory must meet those requirements above that common sense dictates.

Should your company get listed in online directories?

We suspect you already know the answer.

To find out what alternatives you have and to schedule a demonstration and a highly rewarding educational session with one of our experts who would

then please pick up the phone and dial



Stay tuned as the second part of this article is coming soon. In the meantime, please feel free to ask any questions and post your thoughts below the Comments section.

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