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Which One Is Faster? MSIE or Firefox?

Added by Kevin B on Thu, Dec 10, 2009, 10:45 AM

The Speed Issue

As I mentioned earlier and you also probably noticed that after a while your Internet Explorer significantly slows down for no apparent reason even when you do regular maintenance on it. Why? Only Microsoft can tell. 

Mozilla made the Firefox code available to the online community and as soon as an issue is discovered, hundreds of programmers donate their time to fix the issue as soon as possible. Microsoft has a closed system and only their engineers can fix the problem whenever they feel like it.

Because of the appearance of Mozilla they became much better at updating MSIE on a regular basis in the past few years. Before then this was not the case. Before this change the user would have to go out, find the updates and install them manually. The technically not very savvy user (over 90% of computer users in the US who automatically get Explorer when they purchase a new computer and do not even know that there are other, better browsers out there than MSIE) did not do these updates at all thus MSIE rapidly lost its original speed in the machines of most users because of constant virus and malware exploitation that most of the times avoided Firefox.

Since Mozilla was doing its automatic updates from its very start, Microsoft soon had to realize that they needed to follow suit and start doing online updates on a regular basis as well because they saw MSIE's market share declining very rapidly.

Mozilla was able handle changes of speed requirements better than MSIE and that was why it usually stayed within its original speed range even when it used for a long time. We do not know how you are, but we like our computers and our browsers to stay at the same level of speed when we originally purchased them. By now Microsoft fixed many issues with MSIE, but still Mozilla is the winner of the speed comparison.

In the speed of reading modern web pages, in other words

Because all of the above reasons we highly recommend Mozilla Firefox. You can download Mozilla Firefox for free by clicking on the button below so you can try it and compare them yourself.

Download Firefox

We would love to hear your feedback. Please bookmark this post, ask your question and make your comments below. And be sure to read our next article that deals with compatibility.

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