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The Most Effective Way of Internet Marketing

Added by Kevin B on Sun, Sep 20, 2009, 02:45 PM

There is a lot of confusion

about the effectiveness of certain techniques in Internet marketing. Many people say it is

The overwhelming majority forgets to mention that it does not matter what technique you use as long as you are able to

Based on the statistical information collected from large numbers of Internet marketers, the general conclusion is that the best ROI generating form of Internet marketing is

E-mail marketing

It is said to be the most effective way if it is done right. There is a lot involved in doing e-mail marketing right. It has to start with building a large, responsive e-mail list where participants signed up on a volunteer basis and they eagerly wait to hear from you and buy from you repeatedly.

How can I build a responsive e-mail list?

Building a list organically (through blogging, writing e-zine articles, commenting on such articles, building your presence in social networking media, etc.) takes a significantly longer time than doing it through paid on-line ad submission.

Based on our experience and research, your on-line ad submission can bring in significant results if you sell goods and services worth less than $20. However, a significant trust factor and multiple communications are needed to be built if you sell products worth over $20. So on-line ad submissions will bring faster results, but in line with other experts, we stress that this method should be primarily used for e-mail address collection to form an e-mail list.

Once your list is built, your results will come in fast

from professional e-mail campaigns. The results are not only fast, but they will grow exponentially as your marketing cost still stays flat.


Let us say it cost you $100 to get 100 people to sign up to your e-mail list. Your conversion rate (the percentage of people who buy out of these 100 people on your list) is 10%. This means 10 people will buy from you. So if you sold something with a $10 profit, you broke even for the first time. However, when you sell something else (or even the same thing) to the same person for the second time with only $5 profit, (giving a chance for discount to return customers) you still made a profit and your ROI actually will be larger than 1, thus you made money and will keep making money as long as this same person keeps buying.

Each time you e-mail to your well-built, responsive list and sell something to the same people that are on your list already, you will be making pure profit because your cost of acquiring those customers (who is already on your list and buys from you) will be $0.

Treat your list as one of the most precious piece of your assets because it is a true goldmine for you.

Add your comments or questions below and let us know what you think. If you are a business owner and would like to know how you business can benefit from the Myetus Marketing System, please fill out the survey now.

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