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The Chicken or The Egg and Their Relation to Internet Marketing

Added by Kevin B on Mon, Sep 14, 2009, 11:57 AM

Who cares?

I want MY BUSINESS TO GROW! We hear you. We understand that you have no time reading chicken and egg stories.


Did you know that

there are ways to increase your profitability with 236% by just using ONE simple Internet marketing method?

Before we start discussing the methods we want to make sure that you are aware that

There are two camps of Internet marketers

The first camp favors Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising the others stand by Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to drive initial high quality traffic to your website.

High quality means that YOUR visitors easily become buyers.

The vast majority of Internet marketers only do SEO and the vast majority of them do it very poorly. Their result: NO high quality initial traffic for most of their clients The vast majority of PPC people fail to do enough research before they start blowing your money.

No matter which direction you try to go first chances are they will try to rip you off.

Only one thing is for sure:

If you are a struggling small business owner, you definitely want to

familiarize yourself with certain Internet marketing methods to make a wise business decision about the future of your business. Chances are that if you take a little time to listen and educate yourself a little bit about the tools necessary in the 21st century, your business will survive and thrive, if you do not, your business will most likely fail. Simple as that. That is the bold reality.

Who are you to make such a bold statement?

Take a look at the current state of the economy today. It is a major mess and many people say that nobody really has a solution. Once you examine the current situation you can suddenly realize, that no other company than those who have solid Internet presence or the ones who actually make the Internet happen as it is today are not on the brink of bankruptcy because they still have a lot of cash. In fact, many of these companies are still hiring even when most others are currently laying off people by the thousands.

So here is the reality

Companies with solid Internet presence have cash and they are still hiring and will keep thriving

What is a solid Internet Presence?

You probably heard the 'magic words' before:

    What all this technical jargon means? I am not familiar with this stuff.

    Let us show you. Here is he explanation of how the actual Internet Marketing Process work

    Simple enough?

    Understand the Myetus Marketing Process

    Watch the video now

    It does not have to be complicated. It does not have to be mystified. Simple common sense that is.

    The Bottom Line is

    How do intelligent small business owners like you drive traffic to their websites?

    Many of them use Internet marketing experts like us who create pay per click and/or social media campaigns for them and they make sure that visitors who come to their websites will become buyers by providing highly relevant content.

    Cash rich companies like the big corporations that still have huge advertising budgets can easily do both at the same time.

    But if you have a limited advertising budget because you are not Amazon.com, but a small business owner who are just trying to learn about Internet marketing, then you really need to watch where your advertising dollars go.

    One thing that you should not do:

    start wasting your money now on newspaper or Yellow Pages ads because the proven fact is that they no longer work. If you have ads in those mediums that work, keep them, but if you experienced a significant drop in their effectiveness, you need to explore other ways. These other ways are pay per click advertising or search engine optimization coupled with social media advertising on the the Internet.

    Question is: which one should you start using first when you have a limited advertising budget?

    Tell us what YOU think. Post your comments and questions below.

    Keep us posted, we will continue discussing this interesting question soon.

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