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The Almighty Google

Added by Kevin B on Mon, Nov 23, 2009, 02:15 PM

The Almighty Google

The reason why the social networking business model is still questionable is because of the mere existence of Google. By now that school project in the late 90s became a multi-billion dollar company and they dominate the on-line advertising market. How did they do that?

One word: relevancy

Google built its business model on that. Did you know that today the majority of people go on-line to find something that they want to purchase or find a service they want to use? Now that is a far cry from the Internet's "toy for kids" status, isn't it? Google made this possible because it delivers relevant results, because people find what they want and they are happy with what they find. Of course there are ways to "fool" a search engine and Google is not perfect either, but nowadays they "slap out" companies who try to "fool" (use tricks to deliver irrelevant results) it.

Web 2.0 is great because it increases relevancy.

There is another form of web 2.0 that forms its majority and that is called blogging and blogs. Blogs are certain web pages that initially the industry called web logs and later they just simply called them blogs. In other words, blogs are on-line diaries and they usually have something to do with a very specific topic and they are personal. A blog has a main area where the editor(s) can write and there is the comment area where people who want to make a comment can write. Therefore blogs are very relevant because they are usually topic specific and created by real people. Almost anybody who writes a blog nowadays is considered as an 'expert' on a certain field. Whether that expertise is valid or not is sometimes hard to tell. However, when many other people agree with the blogger in the blog's comment area, the prestige of the blogger gets higher. Blogs are also organic which means the entries are usually made on a volunteer basis and usually people who enter their opinion in a blog are not paid. Therefore, the opinions in blogs and the links to or from blogs are natural and relevant and that is what Google wants. Google also stressed that it wants to keep the Internet open and it will not favor paid back links coming from blogs to your site. 

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