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Some 'Internet Marketing' Techniques that Snake Oil Salesmen Sell

Added by Kevin B on Wed, Oct 21, 2009, 02:30 PM

Obsolete Internet Marketing Techniques Exposed

In this article we are exposing some of the techniques that is currently still sold by some companies to unsuspecting business owners. We want to make sure that you get the information you need in order to make an educated decision and be aware what you spend your hard-earned money on:

There is a common technique that is employed by some of our 'competitors' that is known as

pushing a company out to thousands of directories.

Business owners fall for this scam because most of the salespeople of these unscrupulous companies present this technique in a way to make the numbers look very big when in fact the numbers are still very small compared to the size of the Internet. And even when they pushed out the business to millions of directories it still would not matter if the directory names were not known by the majority of web surfers when most of these directories have zero visitors themselves.

In the latter case (when repeat content starts popping up very fast in a lot of Internet places) most likely Google would pick up on it and even ban the site advertising itself this way forever from their search engine result pages (SERPs) because Google does not like repeat content.

So what do these 'pushers' do?

They are actually putting the same exact content to thousands of places on the Internet and endangering their very own Client's reputation in the eyes of Google. So technically they do more harm than good.

In short: Getting listed in thousands of directories is totally irrelevant if the vast majority of the Internet users never heard about them. If they never heard about them, they will never look for them, so the business owner ended up paying a pile of money for completely nothing.

This technique worked very well before Google came into the playing field, just like the technique called listing a company's website in thousands of search engines. And still there are these same companies who used to push small business to thousands of search engines now pushing them to thousands of directories. A search engine was basically nothing else but a giant directory and whoever paid the most money to them had a chance to get on top and reap all the rewards.

After Google came to the scene, directories that only allow browsing practically died overnight. Why? Because Google gave one thing that no directory was able to provide before: that was and to this day it is relevancy. It does not matter how much money a company has. Google does not care. Google wants to get paid gradually and prefers a long term relationship because they know that they would make a lot more money off of a company that is with them for a long time than from a company that goes broke after a few sessions.

They care about how relevant a given web page is for a given search term that an Internet user types in. They care about whether the searcher finds what they want to find. Google does not care how the data to be searched is actually organized whether it is neatly arranged in a directory by humans or it is randomly spat out by machines. As long as the data complies with Google's indexing requirements, the data will be indexed and becomes searchable in Google's database.

Before you believe any fast talking salesman

who come to your door trying to push some sort of service that you do not quite understand, please make sure you get a second opinion and do your own due diligence and do your own research before spending your hard earned money on things that you are not quite familiar with. You owe it to yourself and your family.

To schedule a demonstration and a highly rewarding educational session with one of our experts who would then please pick up the phone and dial



Please feel free to ask any questions and post your thoughts below the Comments section.

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