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Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer?

Added by Kevin B on Fri, Dec 04, 2009, 03:15 PM

Is this post about Internet Marketing at all?

What does this post have to do with Internet marketing, you would ask. A lot. Trends show that Microsoft Internet Explorer (MSIE) is losing its popularity as new players enter into the market. This is significant because your customers most likely will use one of the emerging browsers in the future instead of MSIE. This means that your website (your online salesperson) must be ready for them now before your competition. If you are not familiar with other browsers than MSIE, it is time to get a little education. So let's get started.

What are Mozilla and Internet Explorer?

They are two different, very capable web browsers. Most likely you know what Microsoft Internet Explorer (MSIE) is as it came with your computer when you purchased it in the store and you probably already familiarized yourself with it. It is used for accessing the Internet and displaying web pages and it is usually represented a large blue-colored letter e on your Windows desktop when you first start you machine after purchasing it from the store.

MSIE is fairly easy to use and works well and it has a decent speed when your computer is new. But when your machine starts to get older and you put more and more stuff on it, you would notice a significant slowdown in the speed of your MSIE even when you do regular maintenance (clean your cache, dump your cookies and temporary Internet files, etc.). So you might think: "Oh, this is just natural, that is the way computers work".  Many companies make you believe that computers 'naturally' slow down after a while. And some companies even want to make you believe that you need to upgrade your computer (usually means spending your hard-earned money) to make it go faster.

Do you really have to do that or is there a better way?

You might have heard about Mozilla Firefox because many companies started to promote it a while ago and now they have a large enough market share that word of mouth probably reached you about it by now. Mozilla Firefox basically serves the same exact purpose as Internet Explorer. It displays web pages for you when you surf the Internet. Big deal you would say, you already have Internet Explorer and you are perfectly happy with it.

Many people like Mozilla Firefox however and their number is growing for a reason. It was not always like this. Between 2001-2005 Internet Explorer was pretty fast and pretty decent and worked fairly well. It did not have any real significant competitor as Mozilla was just starting up as Netscape was in the process of dying. So Internet Explorer ruled. However, people at the Mozilla Foundation (a not for profit organization) along with thousands of volunteer developers from all over the world decided to take on Microsoft's dominance in the world of browsers. Their purpose was to create a

alternative to Internet Explorer.

So they did and since its start Mozilla Firefox keeps taking market share away from Internet Explorer (MSIE) and there is a reason behind that.

Why do many people like Mozilla Firefox is better than MSIE?

First I want to tell you that neither of these browsers are perfect and since they are only pieces of software that are created by human beings, they all have glitches and there is always a probability for an error. This statement is true even when a piece of software is made by huge corporations with millions of dollars of development budget. There is no such thing as the 'perfect software that is ready'. Anybody who states the opposite is not telling the truth.

Let's cut the chase now and let's compare Mozilla Firefox and MSIE. Before we do that we want to make sure our comparison is fair. Therefore a certain set of criteria must be established to compare these two competing pieces of software fairly. These criteria that most experts use are:

In our next article we will compare MSIE and Mozilla based on the above criteria. Please bookmark this post and feel free to ask questions or make comments below and be sure to continue reading this series of articles.

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#1 Sebastian 2010/03/14 11:52 PM

Here in this video John Lilly, CEO of Mozilla talks briefly about that finally people in Europe were given a choice as to which browser they want to install after they bought a new computer.

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