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Is MSIE More Compatible Than Firefox?

Added by Kevin B on Thu, Dec 17, 2009, 04:15 PM

The Compatibility Issue

Compatibility is defined as the capability of displaying web pages and web based applications (online  interactive forms, calendars, mortgage calculators, streaming stock quotes or other similar widgets) correctly.

Both Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox is built on a modified codebase of the predecessor of all graphics browsers called Mosaic so a superficial outsider can easily assume that there is no difference in their compatibility.

However, there is a world of a difference in the areas that was developed later. The most significant and noticeable difference is the way Mozilla and MSIE handles Javascript, the program language of the Internet that is used by the majority of web based applications. Most web based applications are built on this language that the browser can understand.

We previously mentioned that Firefox handles Jacascript better as far as speed is concerned, but it is also better at displaying the Javascript based applications properly which is a compatibility issue.  Also there are some other ways that  that Firefox is better than MSIE such as:

Thus, Mozilla is more compatible than MSIE in running web based applications. Web based applications are the core business of Creative Innovations Enterprises and we have significant experience to confirm and give first hand testimony that Mozilla Firefox is far superior to MSIE when it comes to running web based applications such as our Myetus Back Office System. Therefore, we highly recommend Mozilla Firefox to you. You can download it for free by clicking on the button below so you can try it and compare them yourself.

Download Firefox

As we mentioned earlier, this website is about Internet marketing. We compare the two leading browsers here in this article mini-series to prepare you for the upcoming change that can be expected in the not-too-distant future when MSIE most likely will no longer dominate the market.

If you want to argue with this statement, please feel free to make your comments below. Be sure to add this post to your bookmarks and sign up for our RSS feed as this blog is updated on a regular basis with useful Internet marketing information that a business owner like yourself can utilize for free of charge. Please be sure to read the final article that is about security.

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