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How Much Money Did You Blow Last Month?

Added by Kevin B on Tue, Sep 22, 2009, 03:15 PM

You do not have to tell us

We are sure it was much less than a little over a year ago. Yeah, we know, the economy. Well, we have to disagree. It is NOT the economy, stupid.


It is the collective fear from the uncertainty that people feel because of a significant part of their investment evaporated about a year ago and either they lost their job or are on the brink of losing it now. Everything would be all right if people started blowing their money again many say. We cannot agree more than that with this statement.

You as a small business owner probably wish that people just drop by and have a little fun, a little good time, some nice conversation, little entertainment and buy something in the meantime.

People used to go shopping to have fun.

For entertainment. Not any more. They go shopping now out of necessity and they really watch what they spend their money on because it could be the last money they spend before unemployment hits them too.

You wish the good old times would come back. But you know they won't. People became savvier. People are afraid. YOU are afraid. Their mindset changed.


It is NOT the economy, stupid! Time to wake up! Time for you to become savvy, time for you to arrive at the 21st century and start using 21st century tools.

How about using the Internet for a change? Putting your business on-line? Over 65% of people search on-line nowadays and this number grows by the minute. You have to be smarter than your competition. Are you the one who is up for a challenge?

Your competition is just starting to wake up from the nightmare

that they had in the last 12 months. Those who wake up sooner and start a little education about Internet marketing will understand the new tools and will not be afraid of using them. The sooner you start, the more competitive advantage you will have.


We are here to help. The Myetus Marketing System is designed for a small business owner, just like you, who has a lot of questions, who just starting to wake up, but somewhat lost in the jungle of jargon and information overload that can be experienced online. That is why you need to become familiar with Internet marketing and be savvier than your competitor. We can help.

Here is how you can get started. Fill out the short survey below and tell us what were you looking for and why you were looking for it today. Tell us as much as possible so we can get to know you and help you.

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