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Do You Have A Clean E-mail List?

Added by Kevin B on Sat, Sep 26, 2009, 03:15 PM

Almost all successful Internet marketers agree that...

…your success or failure in making money off the Internet depends on your success of building a list of faithful buyers. Otherwise, you have to have a double opt-in (in other words a CLEAN e-mail list) that you can successfully and legally use to make money on-line.

Who buys from you over and over again? Those who

Just think about it. Remember how Barack Obama's campaign using the internet marketing techniques mentioned above was able to raise money very quickly whenever they needed some? His Internet marketers would just send out an e-mail to get those people already on his e-mail list to donate just a little more.

The massive e-mail list made it possible to raise a lot of money even when each individual donated only a few dollars. You do not have to like the President's policies, but we think he writes history about the way he puts his message on the Internet using the same techniques that YOUR BUSINESS can use too.

As we pointed out...

...Your business can do exactly the same

Once you have your CLEAN e-mail list, you need to send out relevant, informative, even entertaining messages, with a very modest sales pitch at the end. People on the list will respond to that. They do not want to receive ads and promotions. Your customers want to hear information, news, something interesting. Your marketing message should be very subtle and it should be hidden inside a good story accompanied with a lot of useful information. If you send them relevant, helpful or even entertaining information, they will read your newsletter, recommend it to their friends and eventually buy from you.


...the best Internet marketing strategies could be pointless, useless and could end up wasting a lot of money, if you have poor content on your website.

Keep us posted as we will continue writing this newsletter on a regular basis, giving you some useful information that you can implement for your business' web presence. In our next newsletter we will explain how relevant content or the lack of will make or break your business.

Add your comments or questions below and let us know what you think. If you are a business owner and would like to know how you business can benefit from the Myetus Marketing System, please fill out the survey now.

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