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Cyber Monday, Google and Your Business

Added by Kevin B on Mon, Nov 30, 2009, 05:30 PM

Why is it important what Google wants?

Because currently about 70% of all searches on the Internet are done on Google.

It was not always like that. In the beginning there were thousands of search engines. You may remember the fierce competition between Yahoo, Hotbot, Webcrawler and Lycos, to name a few. Companies spent astronomical amounts of money to take the first positions among search results. Revenue was coming in and they were all thriving. Then Google came and changed the playing field. Google set new rules for search and now many people question the mere need for the ailing Yahoo.

What does all this mean to you and your business and your on-line sales?

Basically, you have to play by Google's rules if you want to make sure people notice your business on-line. Does it mean that you have to be afraid of the 'big bad' Google as many people (including the US Government) expressed serious concerns about Microsoft in the late 90s and early 2000s? Remember the frenzy that surrounded the launch of Gmail, Google's e-mail service? Many said, that 'big bad Google' would read your e-mail and they would seriously violate your privacy. They did not. Remember the Viacom vs. Google lawsuit? Google stood by its customers and refused to give out personally identifiable data on users who uploaded questionable material by Viacom on Youtube, owned by Google. When the US Government tried to force Google to disclose information on certain groups of people who look at websites with questionable content, Google stood by its customers and refused to share even after all major Internet Service Providers (such as AOL, Comcast and AT&T) did so.

Google's philosophy is simple:

privacy is the number one priority and money can be made without doing evil. They have a very strong ethics code and they do not share private information because they know that in the instance they do it, they will break the trust of the majority of their users who see them as a useful and powerful partner in their Internet ventures whether it is search or doing business on-line.

The most important rule in Google Search:

the more relevant you are, the better your chances are to get your business to the first two pages of the search results. Statistics show that over 80% of the people who search on the Internet are looking for a certain product and service and ready, willing and able to pay for it. Now it is OUR job, to show YOU as the business owner:

What does all this mean to YOU during the economic meltdown that most off-line businesses still currently feel? If you act now, before your competition wakes up, you have a good chance to weather the crisis and come out on top. Many companies are confused and trim their advertising budgets and they are AFRAID. This is the time of action and reconsidering the direction where your advertising dollars should go. Industry experts say that...

...over 80% of advertising dollars are totally wasted

Why? The advertiser usually does not track or has no clue how to track the effectiveness of his or her ad. Would you still buy advertisement though if you knew it worked and you are able to track it and profit from it? There are scientifically proven methods that our company employs that will let you know whether your ads would work or not even before you spend serious money on them.

The economic meltdown is your wake up call:

 it is time to act now, before it is too late! If you want to stay on the surface, redirect your advertising dollars towards advertising that is proven to work and let your company take advantage of the re-emerging

New Economy.

This New Economy will be strong this time and it will be here to stay because there is substance, expertise and hard work is behind it. In the last 8 years the on-line marketing industry learned a lot and thanks to Google, search became more relevant. The majority of the companies worked out their logistical issues and their customers now feel comfortable buying on-line. And most importantly: the younger generation almost exclusively uses the Internet for almost everything in their daily lives. If you want to stay in business for the long run, you'd better be equipped with 21st century tools and methods to conquer the hearts and the wallets of the new generation who will help the New Economy thrive.

So, can Cyber Monday save the US economy and give a boost to YOUR business?

 Well, it certainly can next year. The shopping season is just starting and now it this is the time to make your New Year's Resolution. We are ready to talk to you about it. Our Web Application and Internet Marketing Specialists are standing by. Call now!


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