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Can You Afford a Focus Group? You Do Not Have To. A Different Way of Testing.

Added by Kevin B on Thu, Sep 24, 2009, 12:55 AM

So you are a small business owner.

When you hear the word focus group,

you probably think about some corporate big shots sitting around in their office and bringing in a few 'selected' lucky people who would receive all kinds of perks just by taking their time to answer some questions. Most of the time the questions are written by very highly paid market research specialists who usually have very high degrees in psychology and marketing. In this phase the big corporation blows a lot of money on research and testing and retesting again before they hit the market.

As a small business owner with a limited budget you would probably have

your attention focused on one thing: Dollar signs.

A lot of them that your company would have to pay out to create your own focus group to determine whether you can roll out your own product and service or not. You would probably think that we are total nuts just mentioning this to you.

The good news is that with the advent of technology and the Internet, the playing field flattened and the rules have changed to your advantage. You HAVE a chance to compete against the big boys. There are very cost effective ways to test your idea, product or service, before you start rolling it out.

Now you can go on line and start a blog and put up a survey together where you can ask some questions and if a large enough number of people answer positively, then you have a chance for a successful product roll-out.

That's great. Everybody else says that. Online testing is a way to go.

Everybody says what to do, but nobody says how to do it. Nobody says what kind of questions are needed to be asked either. We will. Here is the step-by-step process.

  1. What were you looking for when you found our site?
  2. Why were you looking for it today?
  3. How difficult was it to find what you were looking for?

That is it. Leave them plenty of room. If they answer thoroughly, they are truly interested. The most important thing is that now after reading many of the responses, you can figure out the EXACT buyer's language that you can mirror back to them in your final sales copy once the testing is successfully completed.

Of course you have to get people to find your survey

So you need to write a few small ads that include the most important keywords about the product or service you wish to test. Submit the ads to Google Adwords. If you did it right and your product or service is truly interesting, you will get some pretty accurate results pretty fast.

Just remember one thing

Many of our 'competitors' say that your website is supposed to be the image of your brick and mortar store. Nothing can be further from the truth in 2009. This statement was maybe true in 1999, but hey, things changed. Time goes 5 times faster on the Internet then in the 'real world'. The reality is that you want to find one or two very good niche products that you know the best and sell that on-line. Those who stuck in the world of display sites and online directories will have a hard time taking advantage of the paradigm shift that is currently happening in the world of advertising.

We hope the information above helped you understand

some basic things about Internet marketing. Fill out our survey now to get a lot more free insider information about Internet marketi in a form of a newsletter that tells you things as they are and the way they work on the Internet.

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