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The Truth About Internet Marketing

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Did you come across with people on the Internet who were promising you the Holy Grail of making money, getting out the carefully guarded so called "Secret Formula", the "Cookie Cutter Method", "from Rags to Riches way", the "Superfast, guaranteed way to get on top of the search engines" and a lot more?

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Is MSIE More Compatible Than Firefox?

The Compatibility Issue Compatibility is defined as the capability of displaying web pages and web based applications (online  ...
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Which One Is Faster? MSIE or Firefox?

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Market Your Entire Team's Unique Solutions

What the heck does that mean?

Nothing overly complicated or fancy. Just asking questions and making suggestions based on your answers focusing on

See the world of Internet marketing is different. You are not Amazon.com or Overstock.com so you probably do not have a huge online advertising budget.

Can you compete with them and win as a small business?


The true advantage of the Internet is that it is flat and you do not need to have a huge budget to compete even with these big boys. You just need to have the right tools and you need to carefully do your research to find a niche that would match you and your team's interest and market this unique solution to your online visitors.

Are YOU Ready?

What Is On Your Mind?

You heard many other companies bombarding your head every day with highly technical jargon that you may not know what it means. Thing like:

They present a laundry list of items of what they can do for you, but they never actually asked if you needed them in the first place, did they? The story does not end here. They try to shove down things on your throat that you do not even understand, but they package it nicely and present it very convincingly. They tell you that you need this package or that package and you end up paying for service that you do not need or do not understand.

Here is how we differ from everybody else:

We ask YOU first, then EDUCATE you, and let YOU make an educated decision on what you REALLY need. We want to make sure you actually UNDERSTAND why you need that certain service.

  1. The first step is: we ask you what would you like to achive with your web presence or what do you have in mind for representing your company on-line
  2. Then we ask some basic questions to determine what your company already accomplished on-line and off-line
  3. Then we make some suggestions based on your answers.

It is that simple!

We Market Your Entire Team's Unique Solutions.

Review The Myetus Marketing Process Now


You can also download the a free pdf file that shows how the Myetus Marketing Process works.

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