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The Truth About Internet Marketing

Download The Truth About Internet Marketing

Did you come across with people on the Internet who were promising you the Holy Grail of making money, getting out the carefully guarded so called "Secret Formula", the "Cookie Cutter Method", "from Rags to Riches way", the "Superfast, guaranteed way to get on top of the search engines" and a lot more?

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Safety First: Says Google

Yes, It Is Google Again We skipped the last two weeks for the holiday season. Hope you had ...
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Is MSIE More Compatible Than Firefox?

The Compatibility Issue Compatibility is defined as the capability of displaying web pages and web based applications (online  ...
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Which One Is Faster? MSIE or Firefox?

The Speed Issue As I mentioned earlier and you also probably noticed that after a while your Internet ...
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Only 1% of all companies who promote their products and services online are profitable. If you are thinking about advertising on the Internet you must know the answer before you start spending your money on dead-end programs.

Your Problem


On this page we will show you how the Myetus Marketing System works and how it can be applied to YOUR SPECIFIC SITUATION, your specific need. We show you some real life solutions, some examples to demonstrate how YOUR BUSINESS can benefit from the solutions listed here.

The Process

Market Your Entire Team%27s Unique Solutions
Market Your Entire Team%27s Unique Solutions What the heck does that mean? Nothing overly complicated or fancy. Just asking questions and making suggestions based on your answers focusing on YOUR team, YOUR products and services and YOUR unique solutions for your customers
The Myetus Marketing Process: Your Ideas
If already have a website, you want a Flash based menu system in your site and you only want the Internet marketing covered, what can be done? Here are some questions: Do you have any repeat offline Clients/Customers, at least 20 unique visitors per day to your current website, a clean e-mail list (at least 1000 names)? Find out more about the Myetus Marketing Process.
The Myetus Marketing Process: Initial Product Testing
The Myetus Marketing Process: Scientific Advertising
The Myetus Marketing Process: How Soon Can You Expect Results?

Why Us?

Internet marketing, SEO, PPC, directories, e-mail marketing are the few of the ever-growing number of the latest and greatest buzzwords that small business owners are bombarded with on a daily basis. You, as one of those small business owners, starting to realize that you must have some sort of online advertising to survive. Who should you choose when all Internet advertising agencies are basically saying the same? Who should you trust? We do not ask to trust us. Try us for 30 days to see if you like our service.

Free Stuff

Free Stuff
Claude Hopkins the inventor of the coupon, sampling, risk-free trials, money-back guarantees, market testing, advertisement tracking and ad copy refining laid down his principles in his book titled Scientific Advertising. The principles in this almost 9 decades old book are still valid today. Download the book for free from Myetus.com
Free Stuff - Keyword Selection Tool
Free Stuff - Match Type Tool
Are you a small business owner who finally decided to try some pay per click advertising? Here is a useful tool for you to create some match-types for large lists of keywords really fast. All you need to do is type in your keywords in the box and out free tool will create the appropriate match-types for you.







We look for individuals who share our passion to succeed and generate results. Because of our growth, we are always looking for talented professionals in online marketing, web development, sales and management to join our team



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