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The Truth About Internet Marketing

Download The Truth About Internet Marketing

Did you come across with people on the Internet who were promising you the Holy Grail of making money, getting out the carefully guarded so called "Secret Formula", the "Cookie Cutter Method", "from Rags to Riches way", the "Superfast, guaranteed way to get on top of the search engines" and a lot more?

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Scientific Advertising

Claude Hopkins - Scientific Advertising - Myetus Marketing SystemWhat kind of oxymoron is that? How can be advertising scientific? It is all about images, feelings, psychology, is not it? Well, this is the kind of stuff that many ripoff artist advertising agencies feed you day and night. They try to fill your brains with their classic cliched nonsense like an 'image is better than a thousand words'. We do not actually completely disagree with this statement, but we need to put things into perspective. It is true that images, feelings and psychology has a great role in advertising, but without tracking the effectiveness of an ad that contain images, feelings and emotional messages, all these are nothing else, but buzzwords that clever salespeople of unscrupulous advertising agencies use to sell their high priced graphic design services to you. You may get great graphic work, extremely nicely designed, very artistic and seductive appearances that would condition your message into your potential buyers' head, but if you do not know how your ad is doing because you do not track it, then you are wasting your money. In other words you are getting ripped off.

So who is that 'rigid' looking guy on the picture? Well, you may not know, but if you ever used a coupon, you need to thank him. He is the person who revolutionized advertising in the beginning of the last century.

His name is Claude Hopkins the inventor of the

He and his team laid down the foundation of advertising that can be measured, tested and tracked. He used his methods in the print advertising as computers and the Internet were not invented yet. He laid down his advertising principles in his book called

Scientific Advertising

that is still relevant to this day and a must read for every small business owner.

Did you know that

...over 75% of all money spent on advertising goes directly to waste? This number is actually a little lower now as it was a few years ago. Tough times got many business owners thinking and a lot of them shied away from unmeasurable advertising and started to track their campaigns.

....Scientific Advertising was first published in 1923 and it is still as relevant today as it was 86 years ago? We are sure you would not disagree that you want to track every penny of your advertising expenses during these tough economic times. This book that you can download from our site for free would give you some great insight on how to do tracking, testing and refining.

...Google Adwords and Analytics are putting the testing, tracking, refining methods into practice on the Internet now, the same concept that Claude Hopkins practiced over 8 decades ago? We can surely echo what many really successful Internet marketers say: confused about how Internet marketing works? Read an old marketing book.

Here it is. Download it now.

Download Free Book

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