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The Truth About Internet Marketing

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Did you come across with people on the Internet who were promising you the Holy Grail of making money, getting out the carefully guarded so called "Secret Formula", the "Cookie Cutter Method", "from Rags to Riches way", the "Superfast, guaranteed way to get on top of the search engines" and a lot more?

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The Truth About Internet Marketing

Added by Kevin B on Fri, Sep 04, 2009, 01:29 AM

"Get rich, click..." Have you heard this slogan before?

Did you come across with people on the Internet who were promising you the Holy Grail of making money, getting out the carefully guarded so called "Secret Formula", the "Cookie Cutter Method", "from Rags to Riches way", the "Superfast way to get on top of the search engines" and a lot more?

Then it turned out that most of 

these get rich quick schemes made only one person rich: the one who was selling the material.

Many of these materials were outright scams. Some of them were legitimate methods once that actually made some nice chuck of change for the inventor of the method for a relatively short period of time, but as the times changed, many of these "secret to Internet success" formulas, methodologies and sure-fire recipes became completely obsolete.

One of the greatest examples of how these "great methods" were instantly became totally useless almost overnight and this whole "thriving industry" almost went under when Google made significant changes in its search methods, applying the famous

"Google Slap".

A few years ago when Google noticed that too many people start abusing its search engine's shortcomings and more and more people started jumping the bandwagon, Google decided to do something about it. They changed their search algorithm in a way that the old methods of "fooling" its search engine would not work any more.

Google's business model is based on relevancy and they eventually caught up with people who wanted to push irrelevant websites in front of searchers for the expense of those who played by the rules...

Google does not want its search engine to be "fooled" and let some fly-by-night company or "Internet marketing guru" deliver false results in front of searchers who look for a product, service or information and care less about irrelevant results."Fooling" search engines to deliver false results is not only unethical and unfair from the company who practices this method, but it also deprives the consumer its basic right to make an informed decision before making a purchase. Therefore, today Google "slaps out" irrelevant companies almost every month to deliver to its customers the best and most relevant search results possible.

How do you know all this and why are we "spilling the beans"

Once we were in your shoes. In fact, we bought several of these methods to test them out and followed their instructions to see if we were able to make money or not. After many years of careful and meticulous testing we found out that 99% of these "programs" are total garbage. The rest is pretty good and we learned a lot from them.

So our very simple conclusion is: there are some legitimate and excellent tools out there that you can use for certain tasks to make your website more relevant for search engines and some others to help you build solid web presence and on-line trust, but there is no "Secret Method" or "Holy Grail" in Internet marketing. There is no one size fits all. There cannot be packages. Each business, each person is an individual and deserves to be treated as an individual. And the most important thing in all: you have to work hard to achieve the desired results.

If someone promises you that you can consistently make money on the Internet without dropping a sweat, run to the other direction.

Seriously: why would the Internet be any different from the real world? The Internet is created by real people. Real people wrote the code that runs the web applications and the the websites that form the Internet. When you, as a business owner started your business, you needed to play by a certain set of rules and work hard to make money, right? The Internet is no different. Whoever is willing to play by the rules and work hard will make money consistently, day in and day out for the years to come.

What we noticed is that in the past few months some of these companies started losing ground so they changed their pitch and many of them toned their hyped up claims a bit and by now they have become more slick. Nowadays almost everybody wants to do Internet marketing. Now some of the wonderful web design companies are making adjustments with the times. They once promised you a flashy web site and its submission to "thousands of search engines" and promised instant results, but nothing happened besides you losing a lot of money. Now these companies are losing ground and waking up. Now they promise "expert Internet marketing" for you. We have two words: watch out!

Why should I believe you? What makes you different than those other guys? How can I separate the good apples from the bad ones?

This is a legitimate question. And the answer is very simple: Ask questions before you give anybody your hard-earned money. We can actually reverse this: have your web design company asked any of the questions that we are about ask in this questionnaire.

If they asked these questions, congratulations, you are in good shape. You are working with a good company. If they did not, then you should read on to find out more, do not you think? Now here is a list of methods that we use for YOUR company's benefit

What will we do for you?

In our opinion 

Internet marketing can be done only one way: the right way.

We provide everything for you that is necessary to make you successful on the Internet. The following elements or modules are the building blocks to your success. When we work with you we

The above methods form the Strategic Internet Marketing Plan that we craft just for you based on your individual circumstances. We also provide a Performance Report for you at the end of each month so you can monitor how your campaign is going and discuss with you whether any adjustments are needed. And most importantly:

we will be in touch with you on a regular basis

to make sure that your goals are met.

How many times have you heard from your web design companycalling you and asking you to help you make money on the Internet?

Now, we want to point out one of the most effective methods to make money on the Internet day in and day out for the years to come. This is no secret: it is called e-mail marketing. 

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#1 Paul St. John 2009/09/17 12:11 PM

please contact me

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